BA Communication Science

Bachelor degree studies are offered as a major subject (120 CP) in combination with a minor subject (60 CP) (such as psychology, political science, sociology or economic science; other subjects can be arranged with consultation of the Student Advisory Service).

Communication science can also be studied as a minor subject (60 CP) in combination with a major subject.

The program of studies reflects the increasing national and international importance of the media for public and interpersonal communication. It imparts knowledge of theories, models and concepts of communication science in the fields of mediated communication and media effects, economy and organisation of the media, as well as communication psychology. The major subject has an important focus on methods and statistics of communication science.


Students gain extensive basic knowledge of theories and models as well as methods and procedures of the subject. It qualifies them for strategic planning and analysis in different job areas of mediated and interpersonal communication. The bachelor program is based on a regular period of study of 3 years.



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