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Vorträge auf der ICA

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conference_imageDas IfKW ist mit sechs Vorträgen auf der Jahrestagung der International Communication Association (ICA) vertreten, die vom 9. bis 13.06. in Fukuoka/Japan stattfindet:


Engelmann, I. & Wendelin, M. (2016). Recommender System Cues and Co-Orientation in Users’ Online News Selection.


Guenther, L., Joubert, M. & Weingart, P. (2016). Bridging a gap? Mapping the science coverage of South African newspapers.


Guenther, L. & Kessler, S. H. (2016). Epistemological dimensions on screen: The role of television presentations in changing conceptions about the nature of knowledge and knowing.


Guenther, L., Rosen, C. & Froehlich, K. (2016). A question of newsworthiness: Identifying and reasoning the common selection criteria of science writers from Argentina, France, and Germany.


Guenther, L. & Ruhrmann, G. (2016). Scientific evidence and mass media: Investigating the journalistic intention to represent scientific uncertainty.


Mueller, P., Schmitt, J. & Krämer, B. (2016). Between Association and Dissociation: How Parents Influence Media Innovativeness at Later Life Stages.