Bachelor of Arts »Communication Science«

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The Bachelor's program in Communication Studies at the University of Jena can be studied as a main subject (120 credit points) or as a minor subject (60 credit points). The Bachelor's program is designed for a standard period of study of 6 semesters.

The subject focuses on the production, processing and impact processes of published communication offerings. In addition to mass media such as newspapers, radio and television, other organizations are increasingly appearing as actors in the public sphere. These include, for example, political parties, associations, but also companies that use press releases and advertising for their content. These and also political, social, economic and societal communication processes must be analyzed, presented and, above all, critically evaluated.

In the course of your studies, you will therefore become familiar with various theories, models and concepts from several fields:

  • Empirical Methods
  • Digitalization and the public sphere
  • Strategic communication
  • Communication and media psychology, with a focus on net publics and social media.

Starting from theoretical considerations, communication science tries to gain insights primarily with the help of empirical methods and evaluation procedures. And what does that mean for you exactly? For example, you ask people about their attitudes, observe their behavior or examine websites according to certain criteria.

Counseling for BA program in Communication Science

Carolin Wehrstedt, M.A.
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