Mediated Communication and Media Effects

Communication Science with a Focus on Digitalization and the Public Sphere

Vertr.-Prof. Florian Wintterlin
Mediated Communication and Media Effects
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Welcome to the Professorship of Communication Studies with a Focus on Digitization and the Public Sphere!

The professorship of Communication Studies with a focus on Digitization and the Public Sphere contributes to the study of changing communication processes and structures in digital public spheres. These changes are examined from different perspectives.

From a journalism perspective, this includes, for example, analyses of changing media presentation logics. In addition, there are studies of algorithmic information allocation in digital public spheres. Associated with this are observations of changed journalistic research processes due to the increased diversity of information and new production processes. They are characterized by multimedia formats and communication channels as well as innovative marketing processes.

Digitized media content requires extended and more complex content analysis methods and procedures. These include semantic network approaches with special computer software packages. Also relevant are newer memetic analysis approaches, with which the variation, selection and reproduction of image-text combinations or image macros are systematically investigated.  

From a recipient perspective, changing attention economies as well as modes of use, reception and impact of digitalized information offerings are analyzed. Interactions between observable audience behavior and the (in)visibility and reach of information offerings will be researched. In particular, the fragmentation of the public sphere into sub-publics is also addressed.