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The research activities at the Institute of Communication Science in Jena have are orientated towards empirical social sciences. Thematically, our work focuses on the analysis of public communication happening through digital media environments. For this purpose, we integrate perspectives  from economics, psychology, political science and sociology.

Each research groups contribute to the research process with different theoretical and methodological approaches - having expertise both in basic and in applied research. The diversification, depth and international visibility of our research is reflected not only in our success in attracting third-party funding, but also in the breadth of our publications and lectures.

Furthermore, numerous awards, grants and appointment offers demonstrate the relevance of the doctoral theses and postdoctoral lecturing qualifications appointed at our institute. In supervising final theses and student project seminars, it is our effort to combine current research and teaching in the best possible way.

Detailed information on the research activities and the projects carried out can be found on the individual pages of the research groups.

Empirical Methods of Communication Science

Psychology of Communication and Media Use

Communicaton Science with a Focus on Digitalization and the Public Sphere

Communicaton Science with a Focus on Strategic Communication

Mediated Communication and Media Effects

Communication Science/Media Economics

Former Research Group Psychology of Communication (German) de